— Welcome, Brenda Chunga

Crypto Currency Is Freedom

I am an entrepreneur, Mentor & a Crypto Activist

Start living and Stop existing

As a single mother I chose to use my children as my motivation to keep striving instead of using my children as an excuse for not trying. I know we all have 24hrs in a day so I chose to use my 24hrs wisely. I chose to seek mentorship, I chose to keep learning, I chose to surround my self around people that have my solutions and not my problems.

I truly enjoy helping and empowering others, They say knowledge is power but that’s not true…..because you have to apply the knowledge first. So therefore applied knowledge is power

Welcome to the Digital Age

We are living in some of the best times where making money from something simple as your smartphone, has never been so easy.

Success is your duty!

“Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning.”

Success Stories!

Bitcoin Beautee has helped changed my life for the better. No longer do I work my dead end job that I hated getting up for. She has helped me gain financial freedom and mostly more time to spend with the people I love.


Martin Smith

This woman has magical powers, she has helped me realize the meaning of life and why we should pursue financial freedom. She has helped me in so many ways and I can not thank her enough!


Shelly Barns

It wasn’t too long ago I was working my 9-5 job and then I had finally had enough. A friend of mine referred me to Bitcoin Beautee.  I reached out to her and I realized the enormous value she was providing. She has since changed my life. Start living and Stop existing


Jacob Luke